About kingcar

Continuous Innovation and Self-challenge

In a generation with rapid information flow and quick innovation, a company can only survive and distinguish itself by constantly creating innovated high quality and customer-oriented goods. With the spirit of “Pursuing of Excellence” in mind, King Car Group was initially started from Chu Chen Industrial Co., LTD. and has now become King Car Food Industrial Co., LTD. which is a leading company in the market of ready-to-drink coffee. Before long, the business will be expanded to different food products including fast food. To meet the demands of modern consumers for healthy foods, our products should not only provide healthy diets, but also be convenient and nutritious. The first consideration of King Car is to always offer customers a better choice.

Always Be Gracefull And Care For The Society

To fulfill our motto of care for society, King Car Education Foundation was founded to organize many recreational camps activities domestically and overseas to educate the next generation in concepts of healthy recreation. King Car Education Foundation is also holding many social welfare programs, which promotes better social morals and preserves traditional values that are core elements in building a harmonious society.

Look To The Future, Achieve again

In the near future, King Car will place more human resources and budgets in research and development areas that are expected to bring more professional, reliable, and healthier products to our customers. King Car wishes everyone a healthier and better quality of life in the 21st century.