Mr Brown Coffee

Brand story of Mr.Brown coffee

Western style was prevailing in Taiwanese society in the 1970s. Fashionable ladies dressed themselves with fluffy while the most popular among gentlemen was to hold a cup of mellow coffee to enjoy the elegance of the black beverage. In view of the blooming canned coffee market in Japanese, KING CAR introduced the highly exotic "Mr. Brown Coffee" into Taiwanese market against all the odds and created a coffee culture on the island. The bearded, curly haired, charming Mr. Brown in white suit with his thumb up is a very good image. The idea of the design comes from enthusiastic Brazilian (Brazil produces abundantly coffee beans) because people of this nation are hospitable and generous, hearty and enthusiastic. Moreover, it is nothing surprising that they drink dozens of cups of coffee a day. The popularity of Brown Coffee created the mainstream of coffee drinking habit in Taiwan, has laid canned coffee an important position in beverage market. Besides, Brown Coffee has also become synonymous with canned coffee.

The Birth of Mr. Brown Coffee

  In 1980s, KING CAR observed the prevalence of canned coffee in Japan. In order to promote coffee trend in Taiwan, this image design of Mr. Brown coming across ocean to Taiwan from coffee producing land of Latin America appeared in market. He always wears a beard and gentleman hat and enthusiastically thumbs up to recommend canned Brown coffee. To build up the brand with exotic sense, Mr. Brown Coffee made his brand character "Mr. Brown" a bearded, cheerful, passionate and Pavarotti-like man coming from coffee bean producing land – Latin America to introduce coffee to Taiwanese people. In communication of Ads, the term in English "Mr. Brown" has used to emphasize the exotic background.

  Back then, a vocabulary "Mr. Brown" happened to show in English textbook volume No.1 for all junior high school students, which made this term catchy for young people. In addition, the figurative and personification element met the requirement of successful branding. Besides, "Brown" also carries the meaning of brown color as a pun that made "Mr. Brown" a best choice for coffee branding. The Chinese brand name Brown was chosen between Buron and Brown considering that brand new coffee market needed multiple branding strategy for the market when KING CAR first entering the field.

  Mr. Brown coffee's advertising appeals use sunny young man as main character combining with circumstances, music and cultural elements such as orchestra, piano to build up the depth of image for Mr. Brown Coffee. The video clip of Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the classic ads. A slightly gloomy atmosphere has introduced in the video shot in Shuchi Road in Chiufen with a young man sipping Mr. Brown Blue Mountain Coffee on the staircase of the mountain town in early morning. The success of this ad did not only launch the brand awareness of Blue Mountain Coffee but also tightly linked the product with the atmosphere making it a coffee beverage suitable for gloomy mood.

About Mr. Brown


Enthusiastic, romantic, adventurous, optimistic; achieve well in career, enjoy life, glad to share; willing and capable to help others; deep-running passion, heart-warming and love to try new things.


Love tourism, adventure, new things and trials to enrich life experiences; love coffee and love to study coffee; love music, movie, art, tourism, gourmet and reading.